Divorce in Indonesia

Divorce in Indonesia may be divided into two categories, namely for Islam religion and other religions, then these categories will determine different court. The process of divorce Indonesia for both categories generally same as regulated under Law No. 1 of 1974 regarding Marriage as amended by Law No. 16 of 2019 (“Marriage Law“). Furthermore, forContinue reading “Divorce in Indonesia”

General Types of Lawsuits in Indonesia

Civil lawsuits in Indonesia, especially for commercial dispute, (generally) are regulated under Civil Code. In this matter, namely Breach of Contract and Tort Lawsuit that has different ground and mechanism. Apart from these, actually there are many other types of lawsuits in Indonesia which more specific for certain cases, such as divorce, employment dispute. However,Continue reading “General Types of Lawsuits in Indonesia”

Employment Termination during COVID-19 Pandemic

Employment termination during COVID-19 will become primary choice for some companies, because COVID-19 pandemic certainly caused many business entities (companies) cannot operate business activities due to fears of spreading of corona virus and also because of government policy related to implementation of PSBB (large-scale social restrictions). To handle this situation, many companies are decide forContinue reading “Employment Termination during COVID-19 Pandemic”