Legal Practices

Employment Law

We provides legal services in handling employment matters which include employment disputes namely rights dispute, lay off, interests, and dispute among labor union. In addition, H&P also provides legal services for drafting Company Regulations, Collective Labor Agreements (CLA), and employment agreement for employee (fix term employee or temporary contract).

We also provides legal services for representing client to negotiate at each level of industrial relation disputes from bipartite, mediation, to industrial relation court until Supreme Court.

Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

We provides legal services related to commercial disputes through non-litigation (outside the court) such as negotiation and through litigation (court proceeding), where non-litigation process is always prioritised to reach “win-win solution” agreement, thus client’s business partnership can be re-established. While the litigation process will only be taken after an agreement is not reached and in order to maintain the reputation and sustainability of the client’s business.

Our Legal Services includes of debt cases, business agreements, financial transactions, corporate partnership, as well as shareholder disputes.


We provides legal services to Clients who choose dispute resolution through arbitration forum based on the agreement of the parties, in which generally the settlement through arbitration forum is more flexible and efficient, such as dispute settlement through the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI).

Dispute resolution through Arbitration is only intended for commercial disputes that refer to agreement where the dispute resolution forum is agreed by the parties.

Banking and Finance Law

We provides legal services to clients (especially bank and non-bank) to check and research documents to fulfil banking principles, and to defend the interests of clients relating to the banking sector.

These legal services include making Legal Opinion, Legal Audit (Legal Due Diligence), Analysis/Review Agreement, Debt Restructuring, Collateral Execution, as well as legal assistance that is needed before government institution such as the Police, Attorney’s Office, and the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Criminal Law

We provides legal services in criminal law including general and special crimes. General crimes such as embezzlement in a company, forgery, fraud/cheat, narcotics, and other crimes. While special crimes include violations of Intellectual Property Rights, corruption, Information and Electronic Transactions, as well as economic crimes such as banking case.

Legal services include assistance in the police, prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies. And, provide legal defense against clients who are accused in District Court, Appeal, until Cassation or Judgment Review at Court.

Corporate Law

We provides legal services to local and foreign companies including the establishment of companies, transfer of shares, acquisition, permits, and provide legal opinion, Legal Due Diligence (LDD) for any corporate actions and documents of business agreement.

In addition, we also provides retainer services (in-house counsel) to companies for monitoring corporate activities such as the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), the process of replacing the company’s management such as Board of Director or Board of Commissioner, Employment issues, Legal Training, and other company activities.

Family Law and Personal Injury

We provide legal service to any person who has case related to personal injury, such as medical malpractice, accidents, consumer protection, or other personal injuries.

Moreover, We provide legal services for family law including divorce, child custody, joint assets, and mixed marriages involving assets such as land and property. In addition, We also assists Clients for criminal acts in a family such as domestic violence and other criminal acts.

Our Legal services in this field are generally to represent and defend the interests of clients through the courts or amicable settlement outside the court.